By visiting and purchasing online tickets through OVERTURE+, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Once a transaction is completed it is considered a final sale, and no refunds or exchanges for the performance will be issued through the OVERTURE+ system. Each event presenter has its own policy in regards to exchanges and should be contacted directly for refund requests.

If an event presenter cancels an event and selects to refund patrons through OVERTURE+, a refund will automatically be credited to the patron's credit card. Transaction fees are non-refundable.

We are a service contracted by event presenters. These event presenters reserve the right to alter program content, location, time etc. Issues arising from changes made by presenters are the responsibility of the event presenters, not OVERTURE+.

Event producers may deny admission for reasonable cause.

Ticket Delivery Methods

All tickets are delivered through email.

If you have questions regarding billing please email us at

This policy was last updated on November 23, 2020. OVERTURE+ reserves the right to update this policy at any time without notice.

Questions or comments related to this policy can be submitted by mail to OVERTURE+ at Overture+ 2220 County Road 210 West Suite 108-165 Jacksonville, FL, USA or you can email us at