Ririe-Woodbury (Rī-rē Woŏd-bûr-ē) Dance Company is Utah’s most established institution for contemporary dance. Founded in 1964, the Company actively embraces...and commissions the work of contemporary choreographers, tours worldwide, and develops dynamic education and community outreach programming. Through performance and educational undertakings, the Company pursues its mission to make dance a viable part of everyone’s life– whether it be as creators, performers, dance educators, critics, or as participating audience members. Over the 57 years of its history, Ririe-Woodbury has toured nationally and internationally, always advocating the philosophy that “dance is for everybody.”

Under the direction of Executive Director Jena Woodbury, Artistic Director Daniel Charon, and Education Director Ai Fujii Nelson, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is committed to building upon the vision of its founders as it continues to evolve as an important voice for innovation in contemporary dance and dance education.

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Upcoming Events

HOME RUN (on-demand, February 13 - March 11)

HOME RUN (on-demand, February 13 - March 11)

Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company's Winter Season Performance

HOME RUN includes original dances for the screen created by guest artist Molly Heller featuring the Heartland Collective, Ririe-Woodbury Artistic Director Daniel Charon, Company Dancers, as well a screening of an excerpt from “Wash”, created in 1970 by Stanley and Judith Hallet and choreographed by Company co-founder Joan Woodbury.

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